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Cost cutting and efficiency or power consolidation?

February 12, 2011

Head of Odessa Regional State Administration Eduard Matviychuk has said it is necessary to carry out administrative and territorial reform in the region, the press service of the administration reported on Thursday.

“We proposed to the country’s leadership to introduce into the structures of the regional state administrations on the principle of ‘double subordination’ subdivisions of executive government agencies that realize land, environmental and city planning policy,” the head of the administration said.

In addition, according to Matviychuk, it is necessary to consolidate districts and village territorial communities of the region.

“At present most of communities are not able to ensure the development of the territories where they are located. The level of grants often exceeds 85-90%, while their own revenues are enough only to pay salaries to the city head and his secretary. There are 26 districts in Odessa, the largest of which is Biliayivsky, where 95,000 residents permanently live. At the same time, for example, there are about 20,000 residents in Krasnokniansky, Savransky and Frunzivsky districts, and the costs of the administrative staff and social sphere are quite comparable. The unification of village territorial communities, the consolidation of districts, will give the possibility to focus financial resources on the settlement of top priority tasks in the development of social infrastructure, and will promote a further rise in the living standards of residents,” Matviychuk said.

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