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Odessa TV – A Who Done It?

February 10, 2011

Well dear readers, remember me posting about the first high profile political/business murder here in January? Well the target/victim on 5th January  was Oleksandr Korobchynskyi, amongst whose assets was a shared ownership in Odessa TV.

His partner in Odessa TV is……or rather was…….Volodymyr Krasnenko.  I write was not because of the crime relating to Mr Korobchynskyi’s untimely death, but rather the untimely death of Mr Krasnenko on Tuesday.

Whilst Mr Korobchynskyi was shot to death on 5th Janaury, Mr Krasnenko was found dead in his apartment on Tuesday having committed suicide by hanging himself at his apartment on Posmytnoho Street.

The reasons for his suicide are unknown……as are the reasons for his former partners murder…….and as is the current fate of Odessa TV although it is still broadcasting.

I know the previous owner  of Odessa TV, Serhii Kivalov fairly well and whilst I have no doubt he will have no interest in owning the TV station again, like many people, he may still be interested in one of his former businesses fate.

If I hear more than tittle-tattle over what happens next I will let you know.

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