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Ukraine Abroad – Cote D’Ivoire Peacekeepers “Criminal and inadmissible”

February 9, 2011

Well dear readers, here is an interesting political issue worthy of looking at.

Ukraine should cancel a decision to increase its peacekeeping force in Ivory Coast, former Prime Minister and Batkivschyna leader Yulia Tymoshenko has said.

“I believe that we should today, at parliament and outside it, say a clear public ‘no’ to such actions by [Ukrainian President Viktor] Yanukovych. Let them recall their voting, let them cancel their decision. And I believe that to send young Ukrainian men into a foreign war is criminal and inadmissible,” she told reporters in Kyiv on Friday after her questioning at the Prosecutor General’s Office.

As reported, the Ukrainian parliament at a meeting on Friday passed a law approving Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision to send peacekeeping troops to Ivory Coast to ensure Ukraine’s participation in support the UN operation in the country.

Under a presidential decree, up to 60 Ukrainian peace-keepers will be sent to support the UN operation in Ivory Coast from the Ukrainian peacekeeping contingent that is operating as part of the UN Mission in Liberia, under the terms defined by the UN Security Council for a period of up to three months.

At the same time, seven out of 11 members of the parliamentary committee on national security and defense, after consideration of the bill approving the president’s decision to sending Ukrainian peacekeepers to Cote d’Ivoire, voted for parliament’s recommendation to reject the document.

“We cannot send Ukrainian troops to a country where a civil war is being waged,” said the committee’s head, Anatoliy Hrytsenko.

He said that President Yanukovych’s decision to expand the Ukrainian peacekeeping contingent in Cote d’Ivoire and dispatch three Mi-24 attack helicopters was irresponsible.

Well, quite obviously Ms Tymoshenko’s statement that a Ukrainian contingent in the UN Peacekeeping force in Cote D’Ivoire is “criminal or inadmissible” is in fact complete piffle and it is actually the opposite and is “legal and admissible”.

Considering that Ukraine is a founding member of the United Nations, the UN has taken a position relating to a democratically elected leader which it is currently having to protect in a hotel whilst the incumbent refuses to acknowledge the election result and has tried to expel the UN, her statement is incredibly poor.

Are we to assume from the statements of Ms Tymoshenko and  her former Defence Minister Anatoliy Hrytsenko, that they consider the UN presence in Cote D’Ivoire illegal?

Is Ukraine to ignore an official request from the UN to its members for an additional 2000 Peace-keepers for Cote D’Ivoire?

What about the Ukrainian troops sent to Afghanistan under Ms Tymoshenko and Mr Hrytensko’s tenure?

What about the Ukrainian troops sent to Iraq?

If Ms Tymoshenko is to call the deployment of Ukrainian troops under the UN “criminal and inadmissible” despite an official request from the UN for peace-keepers, then you would have to question what she calls the deployment of Ukrainian troops in Iraq and Afghanistan which are altogether far more questionable in their legality, all suffered from mission creep, poor planning and huge loss of life to all involved and with the end results far from known a decade on……all on-going under the tenure of herself and Mr Hrytsenko.

Given Ms Tymoshenko’s consistent complaints that democracy is under threat in Ukraine, when the UN calls for Peace-keepers from its members to support a democratic decision by people of another nation, she is against Ukraine answering the call from the UN to support democracy?

As her party doesn’t even bother to vote in fundamental issues relating to Constitutional change in Ukraine and would prefer to “boycott” votes they know they will loose rather than go on record and vote against, just who does she think she is representing democratically?  Surely not the millions who voted for her as her party to then not even register their voices in domestic votes.

One has to suppose that if “boycotting” domestic votes is her form of democracy in Ukraine, that calling Ukrainian presence in a UN Peace-keeping contingent “criminal and inadmissible” in Cote D’Ivoire, despite official requests from the UN, is a logical extension of her form of democracy……..namely if she doesn’t make the decisions or have the winning hand and cannot spin a public opinion boost, democracy is pointless.

One had to wonder, if it was she that was the democratically elected victor holed-up in a hotel, protected and supported by the UN as the incumbent refuses to make way causing strife across the nation, whether she would be grateful for UN nations sending their troops in a peace-keeping role or whether she would prefer them to declare it “criminal and inadmissible” to support her democratic victory.

All in all, a very politically short-sighted, insular and poor statement to make from a woman who claims to be the leader of the democratic forces.

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