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Roads paved with gold – Lviv to Krakovets

February 6, 2011

Well dear readers, here is a little story sent to me by one amongst your number, and worthy of a little look.

As some of you will know, and many of you won’t, there is an 84 kilometer stretch of road being placed between Lviv and Krakovets as part of the infrastructure preparations for the 2012 Euro football tournament.

The cost of this stretch of road will be UAH 3.4 billion ($427,672,956)……..or UAH 40,476,190 ($5,091,345) per kilometer.

Now, dear readers, as a civil engineer from the UK, I can of course only equate prices firstly in £ Sterling and secondly in miles…..but to save you the maths, the average cost per meter of motorway in the UK came to £14,291.54.

Thus 1 kilometer of motorway in the UK on average costs £14,291,540 or UAH 174,356,788 per kilometer…….far more than the Ukraine figure per meter.

In case you are wondering and want to do the math yourself, a motorway costs on average £23 million per mile, dual carriage way £13 million per mile and normal 2 way street £8 million per mile.  Work on exchange rate of UAH 12.20 = £1.00 and 1 mile = 1.609 kilometers.

Now here is the link to the story:

I do not know if the new road between Lviv and Kraovets is a motorway, (though I doubt it), a dual carriageway (possible) or a normal 2 way street, but given the costs (which I know are about right for the UK as it was my job) any which way I work the numbers even on a standard 2 way road, I do not get the costs to 4 times that of the UK…..not even close to that.

Whilst those talking in the link have valid points on warranty durations, construction standards, quality of materials used in the roads and kickbacks, they are completely wrong when it comes to saying it costs 4.5 times more to build a road in Ukraine than the UK (which happens to be in Europe).

That said, there is generous amounts of room in the Ukrainian figures for kickbacks, given wages are less, materials of lower quality and workmanship poor…….but it is still piffle to claim it costs more to build a road in Ukraine that in Europe…….let alone 4.5 times more!!

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