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Rumours of opposition unity…….kinda

January 28, 2011

Well dears readers, only 3 days ago, I wrote of ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko:

“She has to accept the single biggest hurdle to a united opposition is Yulia Tymoshenko herself, so she can call for a united opposition another million times and it still will not happen unless the PoR try install a regime similar to North Korea which simply will not happen.

If she wants to opposition to untie, the only way this will be made possible is if she disappears from opposition politics and she is quite obviously not prepared to do that.

It seems I may turn out to be wrong……or at least half wrong……or possibly half right…..or at least right where she was concerned.

Rumour has it that there are now ongoing negotiations on the formation of a united opposition party between the Front for Change, the Civil Position, the European Party of Ukraine and the Sobor Ukrainian Republican Party…….negotiations notably excluding Ms Tymoshenko and her  Batkivshchina Party.

Hardly a surprise  Batkivshchina are excluded given her continued involvement with it.

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