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Yatseniuk – National Constitutional Assembly resolution

January 26, 2011

Well dear readers, Arseniy Yatseniuk, leader of Front for Change is to submit a resolution for form a National Constitution Assembly to the RADA.

The chances of this happening are actually quite high and I am led to believe that the President is very much in favour of such a body.

How this entity will be formed, by way of constitutional lawyers, politicians, academics etc I have no idea, but it is quite likely to have a broad spectrum of backgrounds within it.  As yet I have not been able to find the resolution that has been submitted to the RADA to look at the finer points.

Is it to be created to act as a mediator or oversight panel over the Constitution Courts?  That may well be unconstitutional.

Is it to act as a localised Venice  Commission regarding any proposed constitutional changes?

The Constitution itself was written in a way that makes it almost impossible to change the Constitution without significant political will (far exceeding the current majority by way of RADA vote) and public referendum.

In many ways, it is a reasonable proposal depending on firstly its remit and secondly its effectiveness.

What it will do, if passed, will show an “opposition party” getting the support for legislative measures from the party of the current government and allow both Front for Change and PoR to claim some form of political victory at the expense of Ms Tymoshenko’s party.  FoC can claim to be the most effective opposition party whilst PoR can claim that an opposition party has come up with a resolution to the benefit of the country and it has whole-heartedly supported it…..unlike the party of Yulia Tymoshenko who never come up with any policy other than disagreement for the sake of disagreement.

That, at least, is how I would spin it if I was FoC or PoR.  The problem would be the effectiveness once it was created as generating an ineffective and therefore pointless body will not be seen as anything worthwhile.

Let’s see how this resolution progresses.

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