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More calls for the “Opposition” to unite

January 24, 2011

Well dear readers, during “Unity Day” former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who had led the calls for a public rally……and will have no doubt been disappointed that only a few thousand people turned up…….called for opposition parties to unite……again (and for about the hundredth time)

“There is no such thing as Ukrainians from Donetsk and Lviv, or Ukrainians from Crimea,” she said. “You should forget such words. There are Ukrainians who today, from this square, are setting a target to change the rules and the way of life with which we’re not satisfied.”

Strong words from a woman who lost, less than a year ago, a presidential election after several years in power and was subject to a decision from the public which in effect stated “we’re not satisfied” with her past performance.

For a politician who is so western leaning, she seems to learn nothing from the west.

It is hard to find many examples where a western ex-Prime Minister has been voted out of office and the not taken a back seat in their party, if not retiring from politics altogether.

Generally when you have been in power and then loose an election removing you from power, it is taken as a strong hint you were either useless, underachieved in a big way or are simply not up to the job in the eyes of the majority.

Invariably this would mean re-branding of the loosing party at the expense of the leaders “head”, so it can emerge as something “different” and claim lessons have been learned.

Unfortunately, on Big Politics some months ago, she conceded that even if her party removed her as leader she would not disappear from the political scene and create a different party (and she certainly has accumulated enough funds through the opaque world of gas trading she was involved in, prior to and during her early political career).

As I have said more times than I can remember here, parties like Yatseniuk’s Front for Change will not unite with her as they do not want to be tarred with the same brush as her or be associated with her rhetoric and misleading statements.

This refusal automatically removes 7% of her vote making it almost impossible for her to win against the PoR as she needs the entire vote of all of the opposition parties to stand a chance.

She has to accept the single biggest hurdle to a united opposition is Yulia Tymoshenko herself, so she can call for a united opposition another million times and it still will not happen unless the PoR try  install a regime similar to North Korea which simply will not happen.

If she wants to opposition to untie, the only way this will be made possible is if she disappears from opposition politics and she is quite obviously not prepared to do that.

Whilst she may consider herself the current governments biggest threat, she is actually their biggest blessing as she is so polarising even the opposition parties will not untie behind her.

There is a reason most politicians in the west take a back seat or retire from politics completely when they have been defeated, and that is for the greater good of their party and the political ideal that goes with it.

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