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Japanese press continue to interest in the AAU funds shenanigans

January 15, 2011

Well dear readers, as most people know, contrary to the contract with the Government of Japan when selling AAUs to Japan, matters of accounting on the Ukrainian side were a little contradictory to the contract.

This has led to the current charges of misuse of office against Yulia Tymoshenko when she was Prime Minister.

The coverage of this incident in Ukraine has mostly completely ignored the fact that this case of the “accounting issues” were originally raised by a foreign national government, namely Japan and not created out of nowhere by the current government.

Ignoring an official complaint from a friendly foreign government is a fairly hard thing to do.

With the current Ukrainian leadership visiting Japan, the Japanese press are still interested in the shenanigans relating to an issue that caused a formal demarche from their government.

Whilst there can be little doubt from the remarks of Tymoshenko herself that there is something amiss, and no doubt it is far better for “Ukraine” to pacify the Japanese press and government in admitting the possibilities of contractual irregularities, no formal finding of guilt has been made yet.

This would seemingly make the tone of this statement a little premature……even if it is true.

“Unfortunately, the previous government has indeed used a part of the received funds for other purposes. Therefore, the new government had a clear task: to return these funds. And despite the ongoing financial crisis, the current government took a tough decision to allocate money from the general fund of the State Budget of Ukraine at the expense of some sensitive items for returning the financial resources received from Japan.

Until May 20, 2010 our government had done everything for the money to be transferred to the National Environmental Investment Agency. I would like to repeat that we have done that at the expense of other programs. But we had no other choice.

Ukraine’s image does not have to suffer because of carelessness of the former officials, who managed these funds so irresponsibly.”

Meanwhile the Czech Republic look likely to have given political immunity to a former and wanted minister in Ukraine although I will post about that as and when I can find the wording and reasons as given by the PGO of the Czech Republic……so over the next few days.

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