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Written promises of Ukrainian politicians……not worth the paper they are written on?

January 10, 2011

Well dear readers, the ex Ukrainian Economy Minister Bohdan Danylyshyn still sits languishing in a Czech Republic detention centre after going on the run from Ukraine, being arrested and detained in the Czech Republic since 19 October last year.

In a recent hearing, pending the Prosecutor Generals Office of the Czech Republic making a decision on extradition to Ukraine or granting political asylum, Mr Danylyshyn offered to pay Euro 50,000 and write a promise not to leave the Czech Republic in return for leaving his place of detention:

Prague City Court (the Czech Republic) again has refused to release on bail former economy minister of Ukraine Bohdan Danylyshyn, who was detained in the Czech Republic, as Czech authorities have fears that he could escape from the Czech Republic.

The Czech Dnes newspaper said on Thursday that Danylyshyn offered EUR 50,000 in bail and filed a written promise not to escape from the country, although the court decided that a risk that the former Ukrainian minister could escape is very high.

The spokesperson of Prague City Court, Martina Lhotáková, said that the court is waiting for the Prosecutor General’s Office’s decision to give Danylyshyn political asylum or extradite him to Ukrainian authorities.

“The documents show that Danylyshyn did not react on summons of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office and did not appear in court, so the international arrest warrant was issued. The political character of the criminal prosecution claimed by Danylyshyn is being studied by Czech Prosecutor General as a part of preliminary investigation, and the court does not interfere in it,” Lhotáková said.

As reported, a criminal case was opened against Danylyshyn under part 2, Article 364 of the Criminal Code (the abuse of power of an official position). While heading the Ukrainian Economy Ministry, he coordinated government procurement. It has been claimed that by using his official status and violating the requirements foreseen by the legislation, Danylyshyn helped limited liability companies to make purchases. He is alleged to have caused damages to the state worth Hr 13.9 million.

In August 2010, Danylyshyn was put on the state, interstate and international wanted list. He was detained in the Czech Republic on October 19.

In the middle of November 2010 the city court in Prague refused to release former Ukrainian Economy Minister Danylyshyn on bail. Then Danylyshyn offered 10,000 euro in bail.

So to answer the question……”What is the written promise of a Ukrainian politician worth?”…… seems the legal system in the Czech Republic has the same opinion as the majority of Ukrainians…….absolutely sweet FA.

Whether he will be given political asylum or not, well quite frankly I doubt the majority of Ukrainians will care given the fact all Ukrainians believe that all Ukrainian politicians are corrupt and guilty of stealing from them at some point.

If he is not guilty of this then they will still believe he is guilty of something else to their detriment, so therefore whether he is in a Ukrainian jail or unable to return to Ukraine after being given asylum will be irrelevant as long as he is no longer in a position to steal from them.

I suppose that is what comes from being part of a government where, if the level of corruption did not go up (and it certainly did not go down), then it is a price to pay for the costs of such corruption absolutely rocketing under it compared to the previous one.

It will be interesting to see whether he does get asylum though.  If he does, it is ammunition for those stating there is a concerted effort at political terrorism aimed at the opposition in Ukraine, but if he is extradited  back to Ukraine it is ammunition for those in power to state that, at the very least, the Czech Republic, an EU member State, does not believe he is being persecuted as claimed by the Ukrainian opposition and some EPP MEPs in the EU parliament.

Terribly interesting situation really.

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