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Enriched uranium moved to Russia

January 2, 2011

Well dear readers, for those now with a reasonably clear head, it seems Ukraine is keeping to the deal made with the USa and Russia to remove its highly enriched uranium.

It seems a flight moving the bulk of the substance in question was landed in Russia on 30th December.

One wonders why Ukraine decided to fly it to Russia when Serbia moved it by train and then boat to Russia early in December last year instead of flying it as Ukraine did.

I am sure it was equally as likely to have the sea vessel subject to terrorist attack or piracy as it was a plane after all, particularly when the Serbian movement took a month by train and ship and the Ukrainian movement a few hours by plane.  One would think transit is the weakest point in the security of this nasty little substance.

Anyway, whatever, Ukraine is keeping its word to the international community for once which is a nice change from previous experiences since independence.

Still an awful lot of environmental nasties laying around from post Soviet times though that need rather urgent attention.

Still I am available to write ISO 14001 environmental management systems for any businesses in Ukraine after Christmas should there be a need…..well to be fair there is a need……maybe I should say a paying client!

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