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Following on from yesterday – Ukraine/EU/Energy

November 19, 2010

Well dear readers, following on from yesterday when I posed the question of how to make the Gazprom/Naftogaz Ukraine joint venture a 3 way JV as Ukraine has tried to do since 2002……..I find the EU Energy strategy until 2020 has been piblished in a very timely manner to answer my question.

The answer is there seems to be no plan to be involved with the project:

There are few mentions of Ukraine in the entire document.  There is mention to Ukraine expressing intrest in joing the European electicity network (along with Molodova), there is mention of the oil pipeline running to Odessa being extended to enter the EU……but there is no mention of the investment in the Ukrainian gas transport system by the EU……in fact everything is done to mitigate the use of it where possible.

It seems inevitable, due to absolutely no other options, the Gazprom/Naftogas JV will go ahead without any other involvement.

Prepare for the wailing of the banchees in the form of the Ukrainian opposition when they finally realise that the choices are allowing the current system to continue to decay (as has happened for the past 18 years) or get in bed with Gazprom, a move they will state is surrendering Ukrainian energy sovereignty.

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