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How the EU Budget works

November 15, 2010

Well dear readers, I did have a pre-written post for today which is now going to be delayed.

Why?  Well my fellow blogger and virtual friend Mr Charles Crawford has written a two part article describing in the most basic terms how the EU Budget works.

Now I am something of a fan of Charles and his work, albeit there are occasions where I may not agree with him.  A link to his blog is on the right of this page but the below links are direct to the publisher of the article in question.

Now I know you are wondering what conection this has to Ukraine.  The answer is( in the much criticised by auditors) regional development budgets (amongst others). 

It is more than a little difficult to access grants and funding from the EU as it is (because it can take months just to identify the person holding the purse strings for any particular grant) so an easy to read insight to the fact Ukraine (or more specifically, Odessa, should I have cause to approach the EU on behalf of the city) would be applying for moneys agreed back in 2005 by donating governments if it applied for a grant today, would at least provide some form of realistic parameters to the city officials who have no idea where the money comes from and how.

Top work by way of explaination Mr Crawford!

Oh, and dear readers, do click on the link to his blog on the right of this entry.  You may not agree with everything he has to say, just as some of you do not agree with what I have to say, but healthy adult discussion at least keeps the brain active.

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