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Meanwhile back in the Odessa courts…….

November 14, 2010

Odesa – Odesa Administrative Court of Appeal has rejected a lawsuit lodged by the former mayor of Odesa and the Front for Change candidate for Odesa mayor, Eduard Hurvits, in which he demanded that the court declare unlawful the inactivity of the Odesa city election commission in connection with voting irregularities reported during the October 31 local elections, his representative in court, Serhiy Vasylyshyn, has said.

He said that the court of appeal had also upheld the decision taken by a trial court on a similar lawsuit.

“Unfortunately, the court of appeal rejected our complaint and upheld the decision taken by a trial court. The court has not made a proper assessment of our arguments that we presented to substantiate our claims. It simply duplicated the decision taken by the trial court, and even declined to assess all of the arguments and evidence that we provided,” Vasylyshyn said.

Another lawsuit invalidating the election results, according to which Regions Party candidate Oleksiy Kostusev became Odesa mayor, still remains in the court of appeal. Vasylyshyn said that this appeal would be considered in court on Monday.

As reported, Odesa Regional Administrative Court earlier rejected Hurvits’s appeals on vote recount and the inactivity of the city territorial election commission during the local elections.

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