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It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it – Yanukovych

November 13, 2010

Well dear readers, often it is not what you say but the way that you say it that is as important……and even that is only half the battle…….what is heardand how it is understood  is what really counts.

The more finely tuned politicians have script writers who are well aware of how an audience, be it foreign, domesitic, friendly or hostile, will receive a speech…..or at least they should have such awareness.

Now in Ukraine there are two types of politician.  There are the likes of Tigipko and Yatseniuk, the next generation if you will, who speak carefully and in a considered manner, and then there is the old guard of Tymoshenko and Yanukovych……the yesterday woman and today’s man.

Tymoshenko is a passionate politician, quite definitley authoritarian in her manner and style of leadership (as was apparant to anyone who met her or dealt with her when she was Prime Minister) and often has a script.  Unfortunately, she leaves the script more than she stays with it when she allows her passion to rule her brain and therefore syays things which border in the rediculous or are a misreputation of the truth well past any normal stretch when trying to make a point or be convincing.

There are so many examples of her leaving the script, but claiming Ukraine would not be affected by the finincial crisis would be one, another the public statements about Ukraine being ungovernable whilst the 2004  Constitution Amendments were in force and then when the were rolled back, defending the same Amendments……the list of passionate blunders, forgetting what has been previously said (or hoping the people have) etc etgc really is quite long.

 Yanukovych is not as visibly passionate in his speaches at Tymoshenko and often looks to be completely unscripted…….leading to this latest message on a visit to Ivano-Frankivsk in a public address after the recent public elections.

“But when they think that, for example, five heads of cities were elected from one party in one region, but the party is in opposition, does it mean that the five mayors will be in opposition? I cannot imagine this… I will pull off their [the mayors’] heads if they don’t deal with the sewage system, water and gas supplies,”

What he is trying to say is that those city councils run by opposition parties must deal with the utilities on a local level for the benefit of the local population who put them in office, thus not play games with the essentials of every day life simply to political ends.  Certain basics are a civic requirement to deal with regardless of party.

It didn’t quite come out like that though did it.
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