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Decisions decisions!

November 8, 2010

Well dear readers, here is a quandry faced by many a politician and diplomat……and is unfortunately something I must also consider.

Prior to the Mayor elections in Odessa I was involved in a process which is obviously beneficial to Odessa and things got as far as the mission statement, strategy and costings etc with the then Mayor.

Now of course he is the ex-Mayor and disputing the result but the new Mayor is sworn in and in post.


Do I recognise the new Mayor and go to him with the previously accepted plan that is quite obviously in the long term benefit of Odessa?

Do I wait to see if the decision is overturned and there is a different result?  If so how long for?

If it is overturned and I have been to the new Mayor with the plan, do I undermine my position with the old and reinstated Mayor?  (To be honest I did tell him throughout the process that if he lost I would continue with any new Mayor which he understood… least he said he did).

For certain the project will fly with the new Mayor as well as it benefits Odessa for little outlay and will provide favourable press to whoever unveils the project regardless of their political alignment.

Do I ignore the politics and try to do what is best for Odessa……something politicians here do not often do……at the risk of the political outcome of the election changing and killing the project because I did not show favouritism or loyalty?

Do I consolidate and ally with the serious business leaders in Odessa whom any politican here needs “on-side” regardless of party as they will undoubtedly benefit from the project (as will others).

Will an A-political approach work in a currently highly charged political atmosphere?

Answers on a postcard………

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