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Albania & Bosnia get Visa Free travel with the EU

November 6, 2010

Well dear readers, it seems despite very limited reforms, Albania and Bosnia will get visa-free travel with the EU before the end of the year.

Now prior to the local elections in Ukraine I was fairly certain that Ukraine would be offered a roadmap to visa-free travel with the EU……on the assumption the elections were fair and recieved little criticism.

That of course did not happen.  The issues which marred the elections seem predominently behind the scenes, but as Josef Stalin is supposed to have said, “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”

So was there sufficient damage done to delay the roadmap for visa-free travel being delivered to Ukraine?  Quite possibly, however, it seems others are to be given this status despite limited reforms which may put the local elections in a different light.

We will see what happens on 22 of this month but on what is in the public domain it is hard to call whether the roadmap will be delivered or not…….behind the scenes it is hard to tell what is happening.

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