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Getting charity donations into Ukraine – apparantly it’s hard?

August 28, 2010

Well dear readers, what do you think about this artcile?

Several points come immediately to mind here…..

“He was horrified by the state of the uncomfortable, unsuitable beds in use at the local hospital. So, he asked us if we could help.”

That statement I find hard to believe.  The guy is Ukrainian, born and raised and in the UK on a scholarship.  His wife and (now) child obviously still in Ukraine or he would not have returned of course.

To be doing a post-graduate scholarship in the UK, that will make him at least 24 years old and will have exposed him to Ukrainian hospitals for 24 years……at least.  If he was truly shocked (and I doubt it) then he must live in a Ukrainian cocoon here.

“However, it’s not just a matter of the physical shifting of the beds – these things have to be signed for by officials in the Ukraine and that proved a problem as there’s just been a change of government over there and finding the right people to sign off the paperwork was a bit of a nightmare. Even more so, now that the government is more Pro-Russian and less inclined to look favourably on help from Western Europe.”

Absolute piffle. 

There is a Rotary Club in Kyiv who could have sorted it all out for her.  There is the UK Embassy in Kyiv who would have gladly assisted.  Even I, without help from anybody, have managed to get several charitable donations into Ukraine from the UK, USA and Canada on different occasions without any difficulties under both this and the previous administration.

If she has had problems with this simple task, then it is mostly due to her own short-comings because it is not hard to do at all!

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