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Are pressed men better than volunteers? Ukrainian football

August 23, 2010

Well dear readers, what do you think of this?

Ukrainian News

The Ukrainian Football Federation has said that it has no grounds to accept the resignation of the Ukrainian national football team’s coach Myron Markevych.

Hanna Bordiuhova, the head of the Ukrainian Football Federation’s legal department, announced this in a commentary.

The football federation said that it could not accept Markevych’s letter of resignation from the post of the national football team’s coach because it has received only a copy and not the original of the letter.

In addition, according to the football federation, Markevych must personally submit his resignation letter.

The football federation also said that Article 39 of the Labor Code does not list “undermining of the honor and dignity of a person and a subject of football activities” as a reason for termination of an employment contract and that it stipulates only four reasons for termination: illness, disability, violation of the labor legislation, and the reasons stipulated in Article 38 of the Labor Code.

According to the football federation, Article 38 of the Labor Code stipulates that an employment agreement that is concluded for an indefinite period can be terminated at the initiative of an employee if the employee is moving to another location, if the employee’s husband or wife is being transferred to another location for work, if the employee is admitted into a school, if the employee is unable to live in the relevant location (confirmed by a medical report), and in cases of pregnancy, care for a child or an ill family member, retirement on pension, and etc.

Consequently, the football federation said it would not even consider Markevych’s letter of resignation.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Markevych announced in a statement posted on the internet website of the Metallist Kharkiv football club on August 21 that he was resigning from the post of the Ukrainian national football team’s coach.

In the statement, Markevych expressed disagreement with the decision of the Ukrainian Football Federation’s disciplinary committee to deduct nine points from the Metallist football club in the Ukrainian championship.

Markevych is also the coach of the Metallist Kharkiv football club.

What will they do if he decides to pick a team full of Aterm Milevskiy’s and completely ruins the Ukrainian national team?

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