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Ukraine’s History abroad

August 22, 2010

Well dear readers, there is a simple answer to this question…….


The Education and Science Ministry of Ukraine has requested the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine to find out how the history of Ukraine is represented in textbooks around the world, Education Minister Dmytro Tabachnyk has said.

“I have recently sent a letter to Foreign Minister Kostiantyn Hryschenko asking him to instruct each embassy to find out how the history of Ukraine is presented in textbooks of other countries, what the foreigners are being taught about Ukraine, what they know about us,” he said at a staff meeting of the Education Ministry in Kyiv on Friday, August 20.

At the same time, Tabachnyk expressed confidence that the information will allow the Education Ministry to establish the dialogue with the counterparts from other countries in order to form a joint position and a shared vision of history.

Most people in most nations would not have a clue about Ukrainian history and would probably click here:

I would therefore suggest to the Minister he simply update the Wiki page for Ukraine!

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