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UKBA – Update as promised

August 21, 2010

Well dear readers, you will remember this no doubt………

…….and the subsequent update a few posts later.

Well, I promised to let you all know the outcome.  Yesterday our man from Odessa went back to Kyiv and has his Visa allowing him to have his face plastered all over someone’s advertising campaign in Blighty.

The less than helpful UKBA official was there but no longer working upstairs with applicants and was located downstairs on reception (and seemingly out of harms way)……although whether this is a permanent disciplinary move or a normal rotation of rolls on a timed basis I have no idea.

Of course the UKBA would not comment on individual internal disciplinary matters anyway (not that I have asked or pursued it), so this matter is seemingly closed baring the  promised advice the UK Consulate was going to provide you dear readers.

Just so you know, currently (and it is still peak application season I suspect) applications are taking 3 weeks to process…….so apply fairly early and do not be concerned too much that things are not turned around within a week.

Anyway, thanks to, Leigh, Judith and Billy up there in the UK Embassy Kyiv who took the matter seriously and looked into it.

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