MI5 and the Oligarchy

August 17, 2010

Well dear readers, seems I will never be able to be National Security Advisor in the UK……


I notice, however, links to FSU oligarchs did not stop the current Chancellor becoming Chancellor…….and probably increased his standing in the Bilderberg click of course.

Anyway, as I know a few oligarchs, but none of those mentioned in the article, I guess I am screwed when it comes to top advisory jobs to HM Gov.

Let’s hope MI5 don’t look too closely at the British Ukrainian Society as the same Englishman linking Mr Firstash and the Baroness in this article also links numerous Peers, MPs, bankers and lawyers through this organisation.

(Note to MI5, there is no such thing as a whiter than white oligarch, as to become one they had to fight in the blood, bullets and be corrupt in the 1990’s to get and then keep what made them an oligarch in the first place.  They all know the mafia.  They had to to get…..and stay….. where they are now.) 

In the meantime, with HM Gov advisory posts obviously off limits to me because of who I know…….I will continue to look for a NGO or cause that may be able to use me to improve Odessa and/or Ukraine.

Cest la Vie!

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