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One-Stop Shop Licencing Centres

August 15, 2010

Well dear readers, this seems like a move in the right direction……


Crimean Premier Vasyl Dzharty has said one-stop licensing centers, which will start operating in all regions of Crimea in September, will significantly decrease the level of corruption in the autonomy.

Dzharty said this at a meeting on setting up one-stop licensing centers in Crimea on Thursday, August 12, the main department for information policy of the Crimean government reported.

According to him, people who want to launch a business can receive all of the necessary documents under a simplified procedure at one-stop licensing centers without going to the offices of officials.

“The organization of the work of one-stop shops is a test of how the government is ready to work with entrepreneurs, meet their wishes, and fight against corruption. One-stop shops already exist in some cities and districts of Crimea, but only formally. Corruption is flourishing, officials are not interested in solving problems rapidly and efficiently,” Dzharty said.

He noted that as soon as one-stop licensing centers start working, government departments would stop the practice of independently issuing licensing documents, which he said often led to corruption.

No doubt it will reduce the level of corruption with regards to the numerical amount of corrupt transactions taking place at the various official offices required to achieve anything, but will it reduce the curruption in terms if money paid?

Even if it doesn’t save on money by way of “additional admisitrative fees”, no doubt it will save on time running around numerous official state offices, so either way, it has to be seen as a step in the right direction.

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