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Investor confidence growing in Ukraine?

August 13, 2010

Well dear readers, is investor confidence growing in Ukraine?

This is what Horvath & Partners survey says.Their employees have surveyed 111 large- and medium-sized industrial firms headquartered in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

They said that 36% of respondents linked their expansion plans to Russia.   Ukraine became the second most attractive country for investors, with a quarter of respondents declaring their intention to organize production in this country.

I have to say the IMF report and subsequent loan agreement does look pretty positive and will no doubt lead to further loands from the WB, EBRD, IBRD and several others but much will still rest on the present government managing to not only pass further legislation but more importantly insure it is actioned.

Much will depend on political will to do what is necessary despite the unpopularity it will have……and there are local and regional elections on 31st October!

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