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A fly on the wall……..I wish…….EUUBC Strategy Conferences

August 10, 2010

Well dear readers, over at the EU Ukrainian Business Council (EUUBC), link here…….

……..there are a few matters of interest.

The 2010 Strategy for example is to:

  1. Giving a Voice to Ukrainian Business in Brussels: “Opening the door for trade and investment”
  2. Energy Policy: “EU-UA integration and convergence a win-win result”
  3. Promoting Ukrainian Regions and Cities: “Helping local authorities achieve tangible benefits”
  4. The Eastern Partnership:  “Expanding business opportunities”
  5. Association Agreement and Free Trade: ‘Time for business to act”

The EUUBC plans to organise a number of events in Brussels as well as in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine to develop 5 central themes in an effort to assist our members to gain practical knowledge and experience in developing and benefiting from trade, economic and investment cooperation between the EU and Ukraine.

I am particularly interested in item 3……and would so love to be a fly on the wall for that…….read on here for the full monty……

…….or item 3 specifically……

Promoting Ukrainian Regions and Cities: “helping local authorities achieve tangible benefits”

Project:- To assist Ukrainian cities and oblasts to take advantage of the opportunities for regional development provided by the EU, and to assist them to develop their regional networks and links.

(This item is still open to corporate sponsorship)

i)    It is planned to organise 2- 3 profiling events in Brussels for individual cities or oblasts in order to raise awareness of the opportunities available for investment and to help develop partnerships.

ii)   To support Odessa in participation at the Danube Conference to be held in Brussels on 4-5 October with the Representation of Baden-Wurttemberg, and in the subsequent follow-up to achieve approval of a Danube Strategy by the EU with an EU budget line for the development of infrastructural projects across the whole of the Danube Region (including Odessa).

I don’t suspect I will get an invite though!

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