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Germany removes Hague Convention objection to Ukraine

August 6, 2010

Well dear readers, I almost missed it such was the overwhelming media coverage it received, on 22 July 2010 Germany lifted its objections relating to Ukraine and the Hague Convention……I am specifically talking about The Hague Convention 1961 – Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents.

Basically, Germany has conceded it is no longer distrustful of official documents stating the civil status of Ukrainian individuals presenting them in Germany…..which was the official “problematic issue”……..whether that was the real reason or not.

Not a big deal of course on the face of it……until you consider that now all of the EU nations officially have faith in official Ukrainian documents being “genuine” and not “forgeries”……which of course would suggest some minor movement towards the control (notice I did not state eradication) of corruption in Ukraine.

……….Yes, I know it’s not much, but every little helps when you have the international image Ukraine has!


Is Ukraine getting better…..or is the rest of the world getting worse?

August 6, 2010

Well dear readers, whilst Ukraine strives to reach European norms……it seems that Europe is striving to reach the norms historically associated with Ukraine.

It’s not just Hungary……Italy is not far behind.

As I have said here hundreds of times, polarity is reversing, East is becoming West and the West is becoming East.

Ukraine remains and is likely to quickly become a great place to live!

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