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Over emotional blogging? Pivate Space? Oh come on!!!

August 5, 2010

Well dear readers, I have said in several posts historically, that what I write and the comments I allow to be published here…..and many are deleted rather than published in the comments section simply because as the author of the blog, I do my best to avoid any libelous comments being accessible via my blog even if they are hidden in the comments section…….are my responsibility as writer, editor, moderator and publisher of everything you can read here.

I am under no illusions there have been many court cases in both the USA and the UK (to name just two nations) where readers comments, let alone the articles/posts, have been the subject of libel issues.  It is my personal judgement as to what I consider fair comment and what I consider too dodgey legally to allow for publishing……even as a comment!     

I make these decisions based a “reasonable person” basis and with no journalistic and very little public speaking background.

So what do you make of this?



Ukrainian citizen Oleh Shynkarenko, who maintains a blog on LiveJournal Web site, has claimed he didn’t call for violence against Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and other high-ranking officials, and the relevant entries in his blog were made in an emotional state.

“For some reasons the prosecutor’s office and SBU decided I was calling for killing the president. I by no means called for this. God give health to our President Yanukovych! Just one or several my postings in the blog were made in an emotional, furious state, which could happen to anyone,” Shynkarenko said in an interview with BBC Ukrainian service.

At the same time, he apologized to readers of the blog for and possible offence.

Shynkarenko also said the actions of the SBU were “interference in personal affairs.”

“I as a journalist, officially I would never say anything like that to the president or anybody else. But I believe that my blog is my private space,” he said, adding that his blog is dedicated “mostly to art and literature.”

As reported, with reference to the press center of the Security Service of Ukraine, materials allegedly containing threats against Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych were posted in a blog maintained by a Ukrainian citizen, Oleh Shynkarenko, on the LiveJournal Web site.

Since Shynkarenko’s actions bore evidence of a crime under Article 346 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine on threats of violence against a state or public figure, the materials were sent to the prosecutor’s office, press center said.

SBU officers handed Shynkarenko an invitation for interview and brought him to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the SBU report said.

Shouldn’t a journalist know that writing in an over emotional state is a bad thing to do?  Even I don’t consider my blog my “personal space”…..because I share it with anyone who wants to read it.  Understanding how what I write will be interpreted by anyone who reads this blog is also essential to avoid misinterpretation, libel and unintended inferences.  A professional journalist, surely, must know better!

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