Election cancelled halfway through the process

August 2, 2010

Well dear readers, what do you make of this?

The mayoral elections of a small town of Ismail, Odessa Oblast were cancelled half way through the event on 1st August.

Irina Rudnychenko, who is the acting Mayor of Ismail, immediately launched a complaint to the Odessa Apellate Court of the actions of the police who seized all ballot boxes.

Anitoliy Bakhchyvanzhi, speaking for the Odessa Oblast police stated the actions of the police were not politically charged and that the ballot would be kept unless demands for their return were received.

The chairman of the Odessa branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, Anatoliy Boyko, stated the cancellation of the election was illegal and contradicts a recent Consitutional Court ruling in similar circumstances in Ternipol which stated that early election called by parliament cannot be cancelled or rescheduled.

So who cancelled it?  Who instructed the police to remove the ballot boxes?  Who made the decision that goes against parliament and the Consitutional Court?

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