Change in construction rules for foreigners – Ukraine

July 1, 2010

Now dear readers, this will go fairly unnoticed by many, mean nothing to most……..but for me, on the occasional project I build……it has some significants……as it will for foreign investors and foreign bodies involved in construction.

The RADA yesterday, got something right……and something that is non-protectionist.

Interfax-Ukraine –

The law says that if motor roads, railway tracks, power transmission lines, communication networks, pipelines and other networks are reconstructed or overhauled, permits to do construction can be issued without a document, which confirms the right of ownership or the right to use land plots.
Lawmakers agreed with a proposal of the Ukrainian president and excluded the requirement, according to which foreign companies are to submit documents, which confirm the fact of attraction Ukrainian citizens and companies to do at least 90% of construction and assembly work and the use of at least 50% of Ukrainian-made products, including building structures, to receive permits to do construction. The president said that the approach is not in line with Ukraine’s international liabilities as a member of the World Trade Organization.

In a nutshell, dear readers, I am no longer constrained by having to use quotas of underskilled people (based on nationality) or poor quality materials (based on location of origin).

Jolly good…….anyone wanting a bespoke mansion knocking up in Odessa?

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