Outrageous decision by the RADA!

June 30, 2010

As my historic posts show, my biggest complaint about the current Ukrainian government has been the postponed local elections that were constitutionally supposed to take place in May this year.

President Yanukovych has called for the to take place in October, despite all party agreement to hold them in March next year.

Yesterday, however, when this was put to the RADA…….


The Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, has rejected all of the bills amending the Ukrainian law on the elections to local councils, as well as the election of the deputies of the Crimean Supreme Council, and the heads of villages, towns and cities.

An Interfax-Ukraine reporter said that one of the 12 bills proposed for consideration by parliament had been dropped from the agenda on Tuesday, while the remaining 11 bills had not received the required amount of votes (226).

Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense Bloc MP Yuriy Karmazin said at a parliament meeting that coalition members showed that they did not want to act democratically.

“You show that you don’t want to act democratically. You show that everything will be further usurped in our state,” he said.

However before OU-PSD Rada Member Karmazin gets too comfortable on his high horse, maybe he should be reminded that in fact, the bill to suspend the elections in the first place was submitted by MP Oksana Bilozir…….of the OU-PSD!

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