Quiz – How many Brits in Ukraine?

June 28, 2010

Well dear readers, according to Ukraine’s official figures there are 19,000 foreigners in Ukraine living, working and paying taxes officially.

Of this, 1.2% are British…….so about 228 of us.

The UK Embassy, as seen historically in my posts of the past, think there is 500 of us here……double the figure that Ukraine officially states.

I should point out though, Ukraine has no idea how many foreigners are in Ukraine illegally……and given the amount of TEFL/CELTA fly-by-night native tounged English teachers, many of whom are here illegally…….and of those here legally, most (probably in excess of 90%) are certainly working illegally and not paying any form of tax…….the UK Embassy estimate could be accurate (or even underestimating) the amount of British nationals in Ukraine if we are to count the “illegals”.

Meantime as one of the 228 that is 100% legal and above board, I guess that makes me a little bit “special”.  The question is, is that special as in “extraordinary” or special as in “special needs, window licking” type?

This question will be further magnified by the fact I live in Odessa and not Kyiv…..making me……probably……1 in 10?


As the song goes……..”I am a 1 in 10, a number only………”

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