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EU Observer – A rebuttal is needed here

June 18, 2010

Well dear readers, having read the below link in the EU Observer, I believe some form of rebuttal and a sense of proportion and accountability is required to put this article into perspective.

“The real defence of the constitution should have come from the Constitutional Court. But it has become a mockery and failed to uphold its constitutional obligation to be independent and to offer justice. The civil courts now administer justice to the highest bidder to the degree that there is little point in seeking justice. The whole judicial system is on the verge of collapse if it has not already failed.”

He writes this as though it has only happened this year. Maybe he should ask PACE about its written concerns to Yushenko interfering in the Constitutional Courts in 2007, a President he advised!  As a person who (it states) advised 3 presdients and 7 prime ministers in Ukraine, he should be well aware that this was the case under Kuchma and his prime ministers, Yushenko and his prime ministers and has not change since Yanukovych got in.

I can’t comment on the first president as I wasn’t living in Ukraine then, but I can say that it is certainly no worse today than it was this time last year, two years ago or even 5 years ago.

“One might expect at least some comment from the EU. But instead it welcomes our new leaders, condoning by its limp rhetoric what is happening. It fights wars in the name of democracy, but says nothing to uphold democratic principles being threatened on their very doorstep.”

Not true – the EU doesn’t fight wars as there is no EU army (yet). NATO may fight wars, but the EU doesn’t, and NATO is not exclusively an EU entity. Some within NATO would complain that the EU doesn’t do enough within NATO when it comes to actually fighting wars.

” Corruption is now the only way to get anything done. But the cost of doing real business has reached levels unacceptable to both domestic and foreign investors.”

Again not true – The Ukrainian stock exchange led the world last year by way of investment and profit and is again leading the way this year.

The “cost of doing business” absolutely rocketed under Yushenko compared to pre Yushenko bribery and corruption, I know from personal experience.

Opinion pieces are fine, this blog, when it comes to politics, is an opinion piece…….but I do try my very best to put two sides…….sometimes 3 or 4 sides……to a story.

Maybe I should have persued a career in the diplomatic corps……I just can’t tell a one sided story like a politico.
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