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Rent-A-Crowd Politics, Ukraine

June 17, 2010

Well dear readers, as most of you who have spent any time in Ukraine will know, crowds at political rallies are……um…..hired………and are not all there because the believe in the speaker, the politics, the subject or issues.

Of course, what it does do is portray the appearance that people are interested in what is being said to the less informed and the global media.

All Ukrainian political parties are the same……even the big ones.  There is always an “incentive” to be “part of the crowd”.

Several times in the past years, I have recieved phone calls from many political parties, offering money, food and drink etc to attend a gathering happening.

I have also been stopped in the street and offered money to join a crowd so the numbers look more impressive for the media and media viewers.

The latest incident 3 days ago was for a small and very pro-Russian political party called Party Rodina.  On offer was 40 UAH (about $5), a sandwich and a drink, to attend a rally for 30 minutes claimed the telephone call.

Now I have attended and listened to many rallies here out of interest and without the need for payment.  The fact I attended the rallies did not mean I agreed with what was said……I just wanted to hear what was said……unedited.

Did I attend this rally?  No…….but the Mother-In_law did instead……well, like she says, $5 is $5 and she had nothing better to do…….despite the fact she has never and would never vote for Party Rodina.

Form over substance when it comes to all political rallies in Ukraine…….enhanced by “rent-a-crowd”? – Absolutely.

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