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Few hundred million to spare and want a media empire?

June 15, 2010
Ukrainian News

Security Service of Ukraine Head Valeriy Khoroshkovsky, the owner of U.A. Inter Media Group, is ready to sell his media business.

He said this on the Ukraina television channel.

“I am ready, if you want me to, to make a sensational statement. I am ready today to sell my business. Buy it,” he said.

Speaking during a TV talk show on the television channel Verkhovna Rada deputy Vyacheslav Kyrylenko from the faction of the Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense Bloc urged Khoroshkovsky to choose between the media business and the post in the Security Service of Ukraine.

Khoroshkovsky responded that he had made his choice.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the U.A. Inter Media Group indirectly owns 61% of the shares of the Ukrainian Independent TV Corporation (Inter TV channel), 100% of the TV Studio Information Service (NTN TV channel), 90% in Music-TV (Enter Music TV Channel), television channels K1, K2, Megasport, and other media assets.

Well, this kind of opportunity doesn’t present tiself very often……sadly the money required is well out of my league!

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