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Insurance Based Health Care – Ukraine

June 8, 2010

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych says he supports a transition to contract-based medical services provided to households.

“We will fix the situation – we need to switch over to the contract-based purchase of healthcare services. The simultaneous fulfillment of reform in the budget-sustained model for healthcare financing in Ukraine would pave the way for a transition to insurance-based medicine,” he said in his state-of-the-nation address at Kyiv’s Ukraina Palace on Thursday.

Hmmm – now is that an NHS type deduction of insurance…….which could possibly work if people paid their taxes and the government can get the at least 50% black economy white……..or is it a US based health care scheme.

If it is the latter, well as many Ukrainians do not bother with house contents insurance, structural insurance and only a few years ago car incurance seemed…….optional (until the police really cracked down for a sustained period)…… assurance and insurance is almost nonexistant, then the majority of the poplus will not pay medical insurance either.

Then what?

Yes I do have structural, contents, life assurance, life insurance and car insurance…….I am also signed up to Into-Sana hospital privately……..but I am foreign and I don’t know any better!

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