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The problem with leasing in Kyiv……..

June 6, 2010

Interfax-Ukraine The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine plans to resolve problems with the placement of diplomatic missions, the consular institutions of foreign states and international representative offices in Kyiv.

The government’s press service reported that Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Tykhonov had declared this intention at a meeting on improving the functioning of the system to deploy diplomatic missions, the consular institutions of foreign states and international organizations in Kyiv.

He said that there had recently been a tense situation following a number of decisions taken by Kyiv City Council and Kyiv City State Administration, which could complicate Ukraine’s relations with certain countries and international organizations.

“Such a situation cannot remain without a proper response from Ukraine’s president and prime minister,” Tykhonov said.

The Ukrainian media reported earlier that the Kyiv authorities had put up for sale buildings in which foreign embassies and consulates are located. Such a decision was taken through the adoption of amendments to the program on the privatization of the municipally-owned property of Kyiv’s territorial community in 2007-2010.

The diplomatic offices of France, Austria, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Croatia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Cuba, Bulgaria, Romania, Egypt and Algeria in Kyiv are currently under threat of eviction. Poland and the European Commission could lose their embassy buildings in Kyiv as well.

Well, OK, it is not necessarily a problem with leasing alone…….and a problem that the Mayor of Kyiv has the political awareness of a bowl of lumpy custard!

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