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Isreal, NATO…….and some justification for non-alignment?

June 2, 2010

We all know the on going story of Israel, Turkish (NATO Member) flagged ships and international waters……but what if Ukraine had been in NATO?

It is extremely likely that both Israel and Turkey will have Visa-free travel and trade agreements with Ukraine before the year end.  How would Ukraine’s NATO membership have affected these almost concluded negotiations?

Odessa is home to a fairly large Turkish community…….why wouldn’t it be, 6 hours by boat and you are in Istanbul…….and has a large, historic and powerful Jewish community here as well.

Has this incident…….which is far from being played out yet………proved a point for the current government that military alignment with any block is absolutely out of the question and their public declaration of non-aleigned status been justified?

(Note to those who tak part in such flotillas……next time use a US flagged ship, a higher proportion of US citizens and force the US hand once and for all).

In a strange quirk of fate, yesterday, the President submitted a bill to parliament to be written into law, confirming Ukrainian non-aligned status from any military block.

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