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The Politics of Eurovision

May 31, 2010

Well dear readers, I am no fan of the Eurovision Song Contest and never have been…..however, she that must be obeyed is far less difficult to please.

Congratulations to Ukraine’s entry by Alyosha for finishing 10th…..even though for me she sounds like a poor mans Pink.

Anyway, I think I have now ruined Eurovision for my good woman.


As each and every country came to vote, I predicted their votes with 90% accuracy based on current and historical political issues before they stated them…… well as stating only Germany could win this year (without hearing any of the songs) as they are the only nation who could afford to put on next years show.

She now realises that the voting is political and nothing to do with the songs being sung.

Next year we are not watching I am told……..which is a fantastic result!

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