Beware of possible fraudulent employment offers from the UK

May 30, 2010

Just a quickie for the Ukrainian and Russian readers of my daily ramblings but worthy of further broadcast, here is a direct cut and paste from the UK Embassy website…….

The Visa Section of the British Embassy in Ukraine has recently received a number of enquiries from individuals who report receiving unsolicited employment offers from the United Kingdom.

Unsolicited employment offers purporting to be from Petrуleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) have been reported as suspicious.

Any communications received from individuals purporting to be employed by Customer Contact Centre, UK Border Agency, acting on behalf of an employer, particularly if these involve requests for funds to be sent to the United Kingdom by money transfer should be considered fraudulent.

UK Border Agency is currently investigating these cases.

The British Embassy in Ukraine would like to draw your attention to the following:

  • UK Border Agency does not contact prospective job applicants outside the United Kingdom to collect application fees.
  • UK Border Agency does not work collaboratively with prospective employers to facilitate “work permit” or visa applications by job candidates.
  • UK Border Agency will never request payment of application fees to be sent by money transfer to the United Kingdom to a named UKBA employee.
  • The UK Border Agency advises all recipients of unsolicited employment offers to treat them with extreme caution.

We advise all interested in travelling to the UK, studying or working, to receive more information on the official website of the UK Border Agency



Centres for Migrant Advice

If you consider going abroad for travel, study or work, we recommend you to visit or call your local Centre for Migrant Advice which provide the following free of charge services:

  • internet access to search for migration-related information
  • information on workers’ rights overseas
  • help in understanding terms of agreement suggested by your foreign employer and/or company assisting you find employment abroad
  • information on legal opportunities for migration, including labour migration and temporary labour agreements
  • information on dangers of illegal and irregular migration to countries abroad
  • information about visa requirements of your destination country.

 Centres for Migrant Advice (CMA) are an important part of the Capacity Building in Migration Management Program (CBMMP) administered by the IOM Mission in Ukraine since 2005.

For the readers to which this does not apply, sorry there is nothing meaningful yesterday or today……but the Rugby 7s are being played in Odessa and I am watching rather than posting here!

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