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EU and Ukraine…….and the UK

May 26, 2010

Well dear readers, it seems on the back of Russia, Ukraine is moving slowly towards the easing of EU Visas and eventual visa-free travel in the Shengen zone.

He added that a visa-free promise for Russia should be accompanied by a similar offer to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The EU could extend the visa perspective to the group-of-six during informal remarks in the post-Rostov press conference or in the conclusions of the EU foreign ministers’ gathering in June, he said.

There is a political coup in the waiting for the current government……a visa-free promise by the EU in relation to Ukraine in June this year.  Of course the promise will be tied to the conditions Ukraine is now actively trying to achieve…….and they are trying to achieve it…….but the political key word is promise.

No matter how that is spun, it is a serious diplomatic word with serious diplomatic intentions.

Then, add to this the following from our man Mr Hague in the UK and abley assited by Mr Turner in Kyiv……..

British Ambassadors to Ukraine, Russia and Poland, Leigh Turner, Anne Pringle and Rick Todd, handed in to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Kostiantyn Hryshchenko a message from the newly appointed Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, William Hague, confirming the intention of Britain to cooperate with Ukraine, the Foreign Ministry press service told Ukrinform.

The letter contains assurances that Britain is prepared to facilitate the process of Ukraine’s accession to the European Union. Hague is convinced that, as a European nation, Ukraine has the right for EU accession after attaining eligibility for membership, and London is ready to provide full support to the process, says the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. During the meeting the parties discussed the current state of Ukraine’s relations with Russia and the EU, as well as vital issues of bilateral cooperation.

Does that mean that not only the Shengen barriers to Ukrainians will be coming down and the UK will become more easily accessible as well?

Whatever, it is good to see Blighty’s diplomats and FCO actually taking some interest in Ukraine that is overt rather than covert.

If only there was something I could do to assist Ukraine with its relations with the UK……..sometimes I can feel like a spare part as far as helping Ukraine and UK relations goes, despite knowing more influential Ukrainians than most Ukrainians do!

Anyway, positive signals with very positive diplomatic wording so crack on team and if I can help I will…….. other than any incidental expenses of course…… both nations are not exactly cash rich right now.

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