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Taking integration steps……..

May 25, 2010

“We have a cooperation plan with the European Union for 2010 and we are fulfilling it. First of all we are working towards liberalization of visa procedures which would result in visa-free zone between Ukraine and Europe. Secondly, we are aimed at free trade zone with Europe. In June the parliament is going to pass a legislation package that would give us a green light for more substantial negotiations with the European Union” – Yanukovych said.

I look forward to seeing this vote in the RADA after the “united opposition” have stated to the EU they would support such moves. 

The question will be is that “support” by way of positively voting for the laws required and thus being seen to agree with the government…… would happen in a more mature political environment………or will it simply be a matter of providing no opposition and obstaining from the vote…….so as to be seen not to agreee with the government even though they do agree with the policy?

If the latter, how then to campaign on European integration when not being on record as voting for it?

If the former, how then to continue to rubbish the current government as being Pro-Moscow when it is taking definite step towards European integration?

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