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Hanna Herman……You are the weakest link……..

May 22, 2010

Ukraine’s most popular political talks shows must be anchored by Ukrainian journalists, not foreigners, deputy head of presidential administration Hanna Herman said, speaking on Ukrayina TV channel May 20, The Ukrayinska Pravda reports May 21.

“I would like Ukrainian journalists to run such popular political talk shows. There are many able journalists in Ukraine who know well how to do their job,” she added.

“We are still victims to that imperial complex that “everything coming from Moscow is good, everything Ukrainian is bad,” Herman said, speaking about Savik Shuster who is citizen of Canada and Italy and who worked in Russia for some time.

Savik Shuster is anchorman of the Shuster Live political talk show. Another alien, Russian Yevgenij Kiseliov, runs the popular Big Politics show. [Both Shuster and Kiseliov moved to Ukraine from Moscow, as is widely believed fleeing from political persecution – Transl.]

Well dear readers, not wishing to appear to split hairs with Ms Herman, after all she was a Radio Free Europe person herself before joining Party of Regions and the Presidential Administration………but…….

If Ukrainian political shows should have Ukrainians anchoring them, then shouldn’t the Prime Minister of Ukraine also be a Ukrainian?

As it happens, the two most popular political shows are hosted by a Russian (Kiseliov)………. just as the Ukrainian Prime Minister is Russian by birth…….and Shuster (Italian/Canadian citizenship).

Both were incredibly popular in Russia on similar shows when I lived in Moscow and obviously fell out with the Kremlin because neither really show any more respect than is necessary for any politician that go on their shows…….and quite rightly.

The reason they are popular is that they are, by and large, good at what they do and ask far better questions than anything you see asked by Ukrainian journalists who are generally very poor…… matter what Ms Herman likes to think.

Both, like the Ukrainian Prime Minister, do their shows in Russian language not Ukrainian……as of course more people understand Russian in Ukraine than Ukrainian in Ukraine according to their media preamble relating to the shows.

I am digressing though, if the most popular political talk shows in Ukraine should be hosted by Ukrainians simply because they would be Ukrainian, then surely the Prime Miniter of Ukraine should be Ukrainiane by the same reasoning.

Once again, as she has proved rather consistantly over the years, Hanna Herman, you are the weakest link……..

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