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Opening the Ukrainian Steel Market by the East

May 16, 2010

Well dear readers, this is a bitter sweet story for yours truly.

Last year I wasted many months with a certain English company interested in this opportunity…….who bottled it.

As a result, if Korea goes through with this and produces here and ships to the Far East, no doubt this English company will watch the prices on Platts Far Eastern Scan steadily go down and prices for the Platts European and Platts Mediteranean Scans go up…….making their purchases and subsequent flipping of title far less profitable.

It may be sour grapes on my part due to the loss of a potentially large commission…….as well as a considerable waste of time…….but I would just like to say “Told you”……or words to that effect!

Still, if there is anyone out there with “balls”…….it is possible I could direct them to another similar opportunity here……if you ask me nicely…….and pay well.

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