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How to……alienate yourself from the EU

May 14, 2010

Interfax-Ukraine German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said she supports BYT leader Yulia Tymoshenko in her struggle for democracy in Ukraine.

“Any steps being taken by Ukraine and its leadership will be carefully assessed in Europe to see if the rhetoric corresponds to actual actions,” Merkel was quoted by Tymoshenko’s official Web site as saying at a meeting in Aachen, Germany, on Thursday.

Tymoshenko and Merkel also discussed the political situation in Ukraine, especially aspects linked to the rule of law, human rights and civil liberties.

They paid particular attention to ensuring and developing the energy independence of Ukraine as a key component of ensuring the energy security of the whole of Europe.

Tymoshenko is visiting the German city of Aachen on Thursday, where a ceremony to award the Charlemagne Prize to Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk took place.


I read this yesterday and thought…..That’s unusual.  It is not like Merkle to make such remarks (or Germany) as the EU rather than Germany would make such statements and normally to a politician, not an ex-politician.

Then today comes the official rebuke of any such converstaion from Germany……..

Interfax-Ukraine Germany has said it is surprised at reports from the press service of Yulia Tymoshenko, the leader of the Batkivschyna all-Ukrainian Union, about a meeting of Tymoshenko with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the department for information policy of Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry has told Interfax-Ukraine on Thursday.

“The schedule of chancellor didn’t foresee such a meeting, although a relevant request from Tymoshenko actually was sent. The meeting between Merkel and Tymoshenko during the Charlemagne Prize award ceremony was confined to handshake and exchange of short greetings in the lobby of event,” the ministry’s department informed.

Earlier, the Web site of Tymoshenko posted a report of the meeting in Aachen, Germany, where Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk was awarded Charlemagne Prize, in which it was claimed that German Chancellor Angela Merkel supported Tymoshenko in her struggle for democracy.


Did she really think she would get away with this stunt?

Does she think any subsequent “relevant requests” from her will now be accepted by Germany or Merkle after this debarkle?

Making untrue accusations or attributing untrue quotes to politicians in Ukraine is of course the norm……but for someone as EUcentric as Tymoshenko claims to be……does she think that Merkle, Germany and the EU will welcome any meetings with her now given the quite obvious lies relating to conversations and comments made?

What on earth was she thinking?


Back to freedom of speech…….again!

May 14, 2010

Interfax – Ukraine The European Commission has no information on the infringement of media freedoms in Ukraine, Head of the European Commission’s Delegation to Ukraine Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira said at a press conference in Kyiv on Wednesday, May 12.

“We have received reports of infringement of freedom of speech in Ukraine, but unfortunately we have no factual examples to track,” he said, answering a question from Interfax-Ukraine.

The head of commission said that the mass media in Ukraine is monitored by certain economic groups “and in fact, they determine the freedom of speech.”

“It a pity that Ukraine has failed to fulfill its obligations over recent years, and public broadcasting wasn’t created. At present we hear that representatives of the previous government have no equal access to the mass media. Public broadcasting could have provided such equal access, if it had been created,” he said.

Oh dear, some of the poiticians claiming to be victim to curbes on free speech……by which they mean they are not invited to appear on shows they would like to…….will have been the very same politicians who whilst in power “failed to fulfill its obligations over recent years, and public broadcasting wasn’t created.”

“Public broadcasting could have provided such equal access, if it had been created”………but of course it wasn’t when the now opposition but then in power politicians had the chance……..can’t think why that was!

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