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It was bound to happen somewhere…..why am I not surprised it was Lviv

May 10, 2010

Banned by a court to hold a rally on Lviv main Svoboda Ave. May 9, Svoboda NGO protested the Red Army WWII veterans march by holding a meeting near the King Danylo monument some distance away. However, when Svoboda members saw several veterans on the way to their rally near the Opera House, they snatched the red flags the veterans were carrying, tore them up to pieces and wiped their feet on the flags, our correspondent reports.

Following this, Svoboda members held their rally, protesting Sabbath dances by Communists in Lviv and chanting slogans “Communists to Gallows”, “Glory to Nation, Death to Enemies”, “Bandera, Shukhevych – Heroes of Ukraine”.
The police did not interfere, watching the protesters from the distance.
Earlier, a Lviv court banned Svoboda and the Ukrainian Party to hold rallies at the same place with WWII veterans.
The court also banned to carry party flags to all the marchers.

If that is true……..and who knows……..but the court ban is a matter of record……..then this is incredibly sad. 

Would Lviv have been a better place if these men had not been prepared to die to repel Herr Hitler?

Would those in Svoboda even exist if it had not been for the sacrifice of these old men and their brothers in arms?

Would Hitler have eliminated their entire ancestory to prevent this protest?

We will never know.

It is just sad that these people cannot recognise the sacrifice of the individuals involved.

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