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65th Anniversary of Victory in Europe

May 9, 2010

Well dear readers, today is technically the day when victory in Europe was gained over Herr Hitler.

Having lived I Moscow for some years and then Ukraine in Odessa, which is known as a Hero City for its exploits, I have seen a fair few parades.

Still being quite tired from Tartarstan, today I decided to watch the parade in Red Square on TV and will probably miss the parades in Odessa, however today was a parade with a difference.

No real modern military hardware on show, no missiles, tanks or childish posturing other than naustalgic 1939 – 1945 hardware, today’s troops and a fly over.

……..Actually not only troops but troops from Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, every Stan, Poland, the UK and the USA all marching through Red Square.

Particularly poinient to someone like me who served HM way back when the Cold War was still very much active and (Falklands and Northern Ireland aside) I spent most of my professional military life being trained to get to Red Square a very different way…….by being dropped behind enemy lines.

Nobody would ever have thought the Welsh Guards would be in full ceremonial dress marching across Red Square even 20 years ago.

Of course now, I eat, drink, laugh and socialise with a great many people who were trained to kick my arse if I had ever dropped behind the Iron Curtain…… can be quite strange how it works itself out.

Anyway, the purpose of today is not really about parades, the purpose of today is to remember those fallen and those still alive who know what it is like to see diplomacy and negotiation fail……..on a major scale……rather than the little spats I was involved in with Argentina, in Northern Ireland and Kuwait.

There is not much chance of many still being with us for the 75 anniversary who witnessed and participated in such madness on such a scale…….although we should never forget their sacrifices and allow ourselves to enter such follies again in such numbers.

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