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Yanukovych wants EU involvement before any merger with Gazprom

May 7, 2010

Reuters – The European Union should be part of any talks between Kyiv and Moscow to merge their gas groups, Ukraine’s president said on Wednesday in a comment likely to upset Moscow which wants to sideline the EU from the process.

“If we decide to begin talks (about the merger) we should include the EU at a certain stage as the main consumer of gas and the main partner,” President Viktor Yanukovich said in a first public reaction to Moscow’s merger proposal.

Very wise move to slow down the process and allow thinking time.

Also a wise move to provide the “EU was in favour” excuse as well.

…….However, the EU has already said it is a matter of bilateral issues between Russia and Ukraine.

Will the EU want to be involved in these discussions?

They would be remiss to turn down an opportunity to engage with both Ukraine and Russia in the energy sphere simultaneously but the issue for Europe is stability and trade.  The issues for Russia and Ukraine are currently nationalistic pride and hubris, ethnic intolerance, and political opacity and corruption on both sides…..which is everything that the European Union project has stood against since its inception.  Don’t expect Europe to take sides in an issue of this nature.

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