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Tymoshenko – The Opposition needs public support!

May 3, 2010

Ukrainian News Yulia Tymoshenko, leader of the eponymous bloc, deems the opposition unable to stand against the authorities unless the public supports it.

She said this during an interview with the Fifth Channel on May 1.

She believes that blocking the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada is not an effective way to withstand the Party of the Regions and its actions.

Therefore, she noted that the only way to confront the authorities is to gain support of the society.

She called on the Ukrainians to come to the building of the parliament and join the opposition.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, earlier Tymoshenko called on the Ukrainians to strive for snap parliamentary elections.


Two things come to mind here, firstly, there has been a recent presidential election where public support……..albeit only by 4% was in favour of the current administration.  That is a very recent indicator of the majority support of the public.

Secondly, there are no grounds for snap parliamentary elections as things stand.  The next scheduled elections are in 2012.

Welcome to life in the opposition…….it is the same for every opposition in every nation… don’t get to make the decisions!

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