From the fringe to the centre…….Eduard Bahirov Human Rights Activist

April 22, 2010

Well dear readers, President Yanukovych made human rights his personal area of interest when becoming President…….which would explain Ukrain now wading through a pile of European Court of Human Rights rulings that were not dealt with by the last administration.

However it seems not enough to deal with the historical backlog for President Yanukovych.  It seems proactive measures are also high on his agenda and thus he has now appointed Eduard Bahirov (Human Rights Activist) to a senior position in Ukraine…….whereas 50 years ago the chap would have been cooling his heels in a gulag in Siberia…..or worse!

The Interior Ministery introduced the well-known human rights activist and new head of the public council at the Interior Ministry, Eduard Bahirov, to the staff of the ministry. .

“We must do everything to protect human rights, [and] observe democratic principles in our country,” the press service cited Yanukovych as saying.

Now this chap, Mr Bahirov has been highly critical of Russia, Ukraine (and the USSR when it existed) historically with regards to Human Rights.  He is head of the International League of Protection the Rights of Ukrainian citizens, a particularly vocal group and author of a book called “Gastarbajter“…….which doesn’t pull its punches……albeit a novel rather than direct criticism.

However, he is not slow in coming forward when it comes to direct criticism either in the media.

This seems to be a very brave move by President Yanukovych as Mr Bahirov will not be a “Yes Man” or silent over issues which he has campaigned about for years.

I would anticipate some gradual changes within Ukraine on human rights, not only as it is the President’s pet project……but having appointed a human rights activist to a position of power and unlimited press access…….to keep him quiet things simply will have to improve.

It can only be seen as a very positive appointment.

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