Tymoshenko complaining about lack of TV coverage

April 18, 2010


Well dear readers, what do you make of that?

I will admit she is not hogging the airwaves as she did when she was in power……but she’s not in power any more.  She is certainly getting the same amount, if not more, media time as Yanukovych did when he was in opposition though.

She is not a Member of Parliament, she was not elected to lead the “opposition”…….and as Yatensiuk and his party would contend, quite rightly, that they are equally relevant in opposition as the BYuT/OU-PSD.

In fact, Yatesniuk has probably done himself no end of favours in refusing to join this “united opposition” which is nothing more than the old ousted coalition.  Why would he want Tymoshenko to speak for him and his party?

Do I see GW Bush on TV all the time or making quotes or accustaions to the press daily?  No

Would I rather hear about the opposition thoughts from the official leader of the BYuT, Serhiy Sobolev MP………or Ms Tymoshenko ex Prime Minister, housewife and “business” woman………but not MP?

I have 73 working channels on my TV, how much time do you think I spend watching Inter given such a choice?

There is not one word which leaves Ms Tymoshenko’s lips which is still not reported excessively in the media via tabloids, Internet, TV or radio.  To claim she does not get sufficient media coverage if a complete fabrication of the truth.  I know…….I live here!

She certainly gets far more press coverage than any other ex-Prime Minister I can think of in any nation on earth.  That said, most ex Prime Ministers know when to be heard and when to keep quiet.

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