European Court of Human Rights Judgements in Ukraine

April 14, 2010

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Sivkovych has instructed the Justice Ministry jointly with the Finance Ministry, the Interior Ministry and the State Department of Ukraine for Execution of Punishment in Ukraine to take effective measures to solve the problem of executing the judgements of the European Court of Human Rights in Ukraine.

“The term to fulfil the order will expire on April 27, 2010. If there is a need to make a governmental decision, the authorities mentioned above should submit agreed proposals to the Cabinet of Ministers,” the vice premier’s press service reported.

According to Sivkovych, the number of unexecuted judgements of the European Court of Human Rights is growing every year and such state of affairs does not correspond to the Constitution and the current legislation of Ukraine.


Well dear readers what to say?

I thought we had been under the governance of pro-democratic and pro-law and order political forces for the past 5 years.

I read that every day now they are in opposition.

Would somebody care to explain why a supposed anti-democratic and corrupt new administration is now seeking to deal with a backlog of historical and unfulfilled European Court of Human Rights judgements in Ukraine?

Is this the action we should expect from such a corrupt and undemocratic new administration……..dealing with human rights judgements made and unactioned by the previous administration?  If so, are they really so bad?

Where was the EU “official concern” when pumping Euro millions into “Rule of Law” schemes in Ukraine under the previous administration when European Court of Human Rights rulings were left unactioned?

Was anybody in the EU monitoring how much money was sent, what it was spend on and more importantly and noticable changes to the rule of law in Ukraine if European Court rulings were just stacking up unactioned under the previous administration?

Where is the audit trail?  Where is the accountability?  Where is the management procedure?  How were and are the results measured?  Where are the results, either documented or in reality, for these Euro spent?  Frankly speaking, where is the control from the EU over this matter with regard to their investment?

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